Katerina Hung

Los Angeles based photographer.


With every click of my camera, I offer a glimpse into the depths of my soul. Each portrait I capture is a heartfelt investment, where I merge my essence with the photograph.

It's like co-creating a unique piece of music, infused with passion and a touch of magic.

People have always been my muse, and delving into the beauty that lies within each individual is an endless fascination for me.

As you gaze upon these photographs, I want you to transcend the realm of seeing mere strangers, impeccably poised and smiling. Instead, I want you to feel the rhythm of our shared spirit, resonating through the images. I want you to sense the boundless possibilities and authenticity, as we compose a symphony of emotions.

Let my photography be a gateway to experiencing your own spirit and awakening the profound connections that lie within.

Looking to capture your authentic self?

Learn more about my creative process by diving into my captivating topic on Portraits of a Soul.

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