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Hi! I’m Sutton and I love capturing and telling stories on film with my husband, Nathanael. We do life together and we film events together. Videography has always been a passion of mine. Nathanael and I started WedFlix because we love capturing the fellowship and emotion at live events, then putting them into a magical, moving story that stirs the heart time and time again.

We want to work with you, hear your ideas, and share ours. With each story, we try to create a unique brand that is part yours’ and part WedFlix’. This is your day and we intend to preserve it on film.

A wedding is a day full of pageantry that happens only once in your lifetime (hopefully) and it’s the BEST day of your life. We want to help you tell and share your story.

Our goal through videography is to catch all the small details of your special day: the flowers, the decorations, the family and friends, the groom’s face when he first sees his bride, the intimacy, the love, excitement, and fun that would otherwise be fleeting moments in time. You deserve to be able to experience and relive those moments for years to come and it is our true desire to deliver this for you!

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