Deidre Schlabs

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Oh, hi there!

I’m Deidre Schlabs, a creative brand photographer and marketer, and the woman behind Fluff Media. I was born and raised in Texas but now live in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Same Southern girl, just a different Southern state! I started my photography journey shooting weddings but eventually found my way to my passion a couple years later: styling and shooting photography for brands.

In addition to some mad camera skills (clients’ words, not mine), I have over 4 years of experience in web and graphic design, and social media marketing for small and medium sized businesses.When I’m not shooting or working on anything design related, you can find me on a walk with Maple, my toy Australian shepherd, hanging out at coffee shops with my friends, or travelling around the world.

I work primarily with brands in the beauty, lifestyle, and health & wellness space, though I also have some amazing jewelry and food clients. If you’re a brand looking to make it online, you need top notch photography engaging images. It’s just a fact. It’s crucial to building a strong relationship with your audience, and if you don’t have that these days, well, you don’t have much.
No one knows this better than myself. Working with Fluff Media is simple. We partner with you every step of the way and keep your audience and potential customers top of mind.

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