Jeanine Linette

Jeanine Linette is a professional commercial photographer.


Videographer and Photographer, Jeanine Linette, specializes in Amazon and Ecommerce Commercial Videography and Product Photography.

She is based out of Miami, Fl but also travels Internationally to provide her services worldwide. Jeanine discovered her passion for videography at 12 years of age and received her bachelor's degree in Digital Media Production in 2015. With 9 years of professional experience in her industry, she is constantly striving to develop her skills as the industry advances and changes.

She offers an array of services, including but not limited to, Commercial Videography, Product Photography, Interview, Documentary, User Generated Content for Social Media, and Casting Calls.

Jeanine is also a professional Model and Actress and combines all of her skills to deliver results that convert.

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